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I got a new job. And it's one I actually want!

I'll be working for the Oregon PERS as of Jan. 2. It's better pay, it's SO close to my house, it's work that uses my teaching background....

Just, YAY!

This TOTALLY makes up for the fact that we had to buy new doors. :)

I Made It Myself!

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We're doing Christmas cards this year. Needless to say, they will feature a certain smiley boy who can now race down the hall.

Ya want one?

Poll #1091563 Christmas Cards!!

Do you want a Christmas card?

Only if you're not in it.
Please. No. Please no.

What's your name and addy?

I'm taking him for his first haircut on Friday. The poor kid's hair goes every which way, and he has a cowlick! Right up front!! So yeah, on the busiest shopping day (which I know really isn't) of the year, I'll be buying a haircut and a new toilet.

Envy me.

I should make pie crust tonight. I should also work out. I'll prolly just sit around and watch Chuck.
I Made It Myself!

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BEST thing about the new digs? We had trick-or-treaters.

Not just one or two, either. PACKS. Packs of trick-or-treaters, we had. At least forty.

How awesome is that?!?! YAY!

Declan did not dress up for Halloween, as he is recovering from a double ear infection. His second in the last month or so, poor little man. He did, however, go to a costume party with his mama on Saturday. See?

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What else? I'm not hating my new job, but it's not a dream job either so I'm still looking. I'm getting remarkably fannish about Supernatural and I'm kinda hooked on the cheesetastic goodness that is Blood Ties. For new shows, I'm liking Chuck, Reaper, and Life -- and I have a kajillion shows to catch up on online.

Jer's blood sugar is much better, and the bastard has lost 25 pounds since his diagnosis. He's looking like he did when we first started dating. Well, except for the gray hair. Hee.
I Made It Myself!

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Baa Baa Sheep!

These are my responses after the short quiz. #1 cracks my shit up, as does #8 (I like to live as religion-free a life as possible...)

1. Probation / Parole Officer
2. Curator
3. Director of Photography
4. Director
5. Professor
6. Anthropologist
7. Set Designer
8. Clergy
9. Costume Designer
10. Foreign Service Officer
11. ESL Teacher
12. Sport Psychology Consultant
13. Foreign Language Instructor
14. Music Teacher / Instructor
15. Psychologist
16. Humanitarian Aid Worker
17. Rehabilitation Counselor
18. Historian
19. Lobbyist
20. Archivist

After taking the more EXTENDED quiz, I got these answers:

1. Communications Specialist
2. Professor
3. Lobbyist
4. Anthropologist
5. Historian
6. ESL Teacher
7. Public Policy Analyst
8. Political Aide
9. Adoption Counselor
10. Probation / Parole Officer
11. Archivist
12. Researcher
13. Costume Designer
14. Medical Transcriptionist
15. Website Designer
16. Lawyer
17. Civil Litigator
18. High School Teacher
19. Office Manager
20. Artist

What does "Communications Specialist" even mean? And I've actually been a high school teacher. My mom thinks that I'd make an excellent lawyer, as I love to debate stuff. The problem with that is, then you have to hang around with, y'know, lawyers.
I Made It Myself!

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GIP. My first ever icon. In MS Paint. Woot!

Thank goodness it's all about the subject.

Multipicture baby post is long overdue, and shall be happening soon. Promise.

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What is this sensation I'm feeling? It it? Could it be? Am I feeling all fannish and squee-y again?

I think I might be. Hmm.

Or maybe I'm just looking for something to get fannish and squee-y about again. Something new to get crazy and crushy about and gleeful about.

I think part of it is that I'm finally over the loss of Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor. I can't help it -- I like David Tennant, and all, but Chris -- even in the middle of grand goofiness, he had this capacity for tragedy. It's like he felt so much as the Doctor his skin could barely contain it. There are sooo many moments where the purity of what he's feeling as the Doctor brings tears to my eyes. ("And everybody lives, Rose!")

Conversely, Tennant? Tennant just can't escape a certain boyishness and lightness in my eyes. He didn't bring the same depth of feeling.

Here's the perfect casting for Tennant -- he's Algy in The Importance of Being Earnest, all wearing striped waistcoats and lolling on couches and saying, "What do you mean, there are no more cucumber sandwiches?" Yes, being madly in love with the girl and all, but to a very silly and light effect.

Damn. He'd make an excellent Algy.

I don't love him as much as the Doctor, though. I know, he's a different actor and a different character - sort of - and I oughtn't compare. Much. Sure, he's the running-jumping-action Doctor. I quite like the enthusiasm, and the intellectual curiosity he brings to the role -- the fun! The ep with Anthony Stewart Head last season was really cool. But I never really felt the loss that Eccleston brought to the part.

Now this season, which is currently airing on Sci Fi, I do. It's like he's more open to feeling the loss of Gallifrey because he's also mourning the loss of Rose. The ep that aired last Friday is the first one I really think I want to rewatch. It was awesome! Scary, and weird, and heartfelt. I just really liked it.

Torchwood also approacheth. I watched the first half; then stupid having a baby happened, and I got behind, and then downloading became an impossibility. It may be possible again, but my home computer time is pretty limited. It's much easier to veg in front of the tv and feed baby than to try to entertain him while catching something online. Which means I watch it on BBC, starting over. Yay! Captain Jack! Dare I even say, SQUEE!!

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And who knows? Maybe the fall shows hold something wonderful. Something that can obsess and enthrall me. I've liked, but it's been a while since I've LOVED. Maybe I'm ready again.

*crosses fingers*

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GAH! I'm reading LJ and all these people are already posting their fall schedules. I'm not ready for Fall TV, people!! I can't do it until I get some expert input. I've given up on the Fall Preview of TV Guide, but I have to have some critical input. Entertainment Weekly, or Matt Roush at tvguide.com, or something. Right now, my schedule would be based on inchoate stuff like having had the Bionic Woman Board Game as a child, or an incontrollable shudder of revulsion whenever someone brings up the concept of Cavemen, or the fact that I have a wee bit of a crush on Damien Lewis after having glutted myself on Band of Brothers recently, and therefore I'm planning to watch Life.

I mean, I'll watch stuff just 'cause y'all are watching it. At least initially. But what are you basing these decisions on? The cute boys, or the holes in your schedule wherein you are already watching the cute boys? Hype, like I've seen for Pushing Daisies (though I've also seen comments of "Twee.") or antihype, like for Viva Laughlin or the aforementioned *shudder* Cavemen?

And speaking of which, there seems to be rather a dearth of cute boys on the new fall shows. They couldn't find a ripoff vampire detective hotter than that?!?!?! It's debatable whether he beats the Forever Knight guy in the hot department. Feh.